Jiva juices are made from organic and locally sourced ingredients we do our best to always buy organic. All of our drinks contain no hidden ingredients or processes to preserve or enhance our drinks we use NO HPP (high pressure processing). Our juices are RAW and have been specially created as medical based drinks to allow the consumer to enjoy a refreshing tasty juice while at the same time detoxifying the body. Jiva juices are mostly 80-20 high leafy greens and vegetables and only containing small amounts of fruits, we have also created juice choices that contain no fruits at all to allow the energy absorption to be completely plant based to allow for no sugar crashing from high amount of fruit juice sugar.

We make juice that changes lives and we expect a superior variety not compared to any other we are proud to say our creative menu is like no other and we will continue to take juicing above an beyond, so you the jiva community can always have the best.

JIVA Juice
Our specially created raw medical jucies have been designed to be taken throughout the day for optimum health.  They are made with combinations of organic and local Bali produce that will uplift your day with new found energy, mental focus, stronger immune system and repairing of cells to help motivate anybody towards achieving their personal goals.

JIVA Smoothie
Smoothies are blended not juiced and the fruits and vegetables still contain the fibre, as to juicing which separates fibre, blending is a great way to allow our bodies to easily absorb the essential nutrition as it helps with chewing as blending will be over 10x more chewed than what our teeth can do, smoothies are an easy way to watch calorie intake and will keep you feeling full for longer periods which helps against habits such as snacking between meals, if you’re a active sports person smoothies are a great go to option before and after workouts to allow for faster absorption of much needed fuel.

JIVA Raw Water
A Natural detox water that is super hydrating and packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins and enzymes, infused of raw pressed juice and other super food ingredients with coconut water, combinations that will detoxify the body and help flush out toxins, especially for those who are juicing on a reboot, the infusions are also designed to target those unwanted fat cells and help achieve weight loss, infusions will quench your thirst and leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated for longer periods throughout the day.

JIVA Booster Shots
Our throw it down elixirs will boost and detox your body with uplifting combinations of raw ingredients that will give you a KAPOW ZING BOOM directly into your immune system helping fight off and prevent common colds and flu, and aid any allergies and inflammation that you might be suffering from.

JIVA Dairy-Free Milk
Our creamy dairy free milks are made from nuts and seeds and coconut water which are all naturally full with proteins fatty acids and vitamins that will enrich your body, dairy free milks are a healthy alternative to store bought milk, great to be used in smoothies, baking, breakfast, tea or coffee or add your favourite flavours and have it as a tasty drink.