We moved to Bali from Jakarta in 2014, already adopted a raw cruelty-free lifestyle. We were very excited at first and explored all the well-known vegan food and beverage establishments throughout Bali; though we felt that our lifestyle was still not getting catered for and that there was no value for money. This experience has lead us to the creation of JIVA CREATIONS, not only to provide the community with more variety of healthy food options that fit into everyone’s budget but also to share our lifestyle and knowledge with our community through our creations.


JIVA CREATIONS is about creating a variety of healthy food options that are optimal sustainability for the body whilst beneficial to help sustain our planet. We believe in a product that is truly healthy, available for everyone and not an exclusive range that is only a luxury.


JIVA CREATIONS will always do our part in leading by a positive example and constantly learning and improving to share the awareness that through this healthy lifestyle we can all join together to create a better life for all of us to live equally together as one.


JIVA CREATIONS catered for anyone with all kinds of life goals to achieve such as better health, weight loss, mental clarity, youth and many more with our specially designed 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 30 day juice reboot program (custom program is also available upon request) that includes our creatively made raw medicinal juices, energy smoothies, coconut water infusion, booster shots and creamy dairy-free milk to be taken daily throughout the day for optimum health.